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March 2, 2012
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Ghirahim P.O.V

That woman was torturing me, in one way I did not like. I would feel her eyes glance over to me, feel the weight of how they rested on me, and then she would look back to the path she had decided to walk on. We would talk; her voice calm and carrying through the forest. Her form moved like a predator, sure and confident in each movement it made. Her lips would articulate each vowel with an almost music-like quality to it.

The kiss I had stolen from her had been electrifying, leaving me hungry for more. I replayed the moment in my mind, slowing down right as I felt her lips begin to move against mine. Lips that were warm and supple, causing me to hum as she showed her expertise. It had been so long since I was able to kiss a woman, the only females in the past couple of centuries being either ugly as a Bokoblin or looking nothing like a human. Somehow, just that one kiss seemed to make up for those long years without any kind of release. Of course Fallon had been mad, telling me one thing that nearly made me slap her.

I was not allowed to touch her. I was not allowed to kiss those lips that I would love to stain in red. I was not allowed to touch her curves like I wanted to or see blood pour gracefully like a fountain down her chest and to the ground. Every time she spoke I tried to imagine her screaming, whether it is my name or the Goddess's, and every time a shiver of anticipation coursed through my veins. Two different lusts warred within me, and I knew that if I did not find an outlet soon both would come raging out.

Not that it would be a bad thing of course, I still wanted both to happen. Perhaps at different times however, for whenever I combined the two it just meant more of a mess to clean up. I also liked to have at least some control over myself, and I'd rather not go on a destructive rampage where I could possibly kill the Spirit Maiden. That would certainly not be a good thing.

So I waited patiently as Fallon ate some berries from the bush the Kikiwi had shown her before scampering off. All of a sudden Fallon was besides me again, a finger to her lips to signal silence. She steps closer to me, our chests barely touching. So close, yet so far.

"There's someone by the bush," Her voice whispered in my ear, causing chills to go up my back. That voice, ever calm, somehow always had that affect on me. The last person to be able to do that was-

Sighing I adjusted my cloak and went to investigate, and oh did I find something interesting.


My eyes traced Ghirahim's form as he stared through the bush, eyes calculating the chances of somehow getting rid of him. So far he's only been an annoyance and I really needed to get to Zelda. I'm sure Headmaster Gaepora was worried sick about his daughter, and I missed Leila.

Ghirahim came back, pressing against me in order to whisper, "The one I know is dangerous, and the other I'm not completely sure who she is. But I am sure that they will try to harm Zelda."

Looking towards the bush I frowned and pulled away from Ghirahim, quietly moving back to the bush. Silently unsheathing my sword I crept around the bush, my eyes wide on the lookout for whoever-or whatever- was behind the bush.  Immediately they landed on two figures, one male and one female.

The woman was about Link's height from what I could tell with her sitting down; with short, messy dark brown hair. From my estimates she looked around sixteen, which confused me slightly. Why would a teenager be after Zelda? She was slender as well, with the palest skin I've ever seen.  She had a sword on her, which meant she could potentially be dangerous. I didn't know her skill level; I would have to be cautious.

The man was tall with dark skin and light blonde hair, and for whatever reason he reminded me of Ghirahim. That was odd. But there were markings all over him that seemed familiar, but I couldn't place where they were from.

Seeing me the two whirled around, the man coming to stand in front of the girl. However it was the girl that spoke, "Uh hi, what's up?" She was awfully surprised, her blue-green eyes wide.

Rather than go ahead and attack her I found my voice, "Are you after a girl named Zelda?" If they meant to harm her, I was pretty sure I could take them on. No one would hurt my students!

The woman's reply startled me. "Why? Is she okay? I just dropped her off with a few friends at Skyview Temple a little while ago. She was fine when I left. I know there's a demon after her! Oh crap! I shouldn't have left!" Her face was like an open book, worry written in her facial features.

Blinking slowly I let out my breath in the form of a sigh and sheathed my sword, "Then you are not after her." I saw the man relax with the last action performed. "I am Fallon, a Knight of Skyloft." Not that it meant much though. I extended my hand in a friendly hand shake.

She stood up and took my hand, smiling. "I'm Kaxalin, Knight of Farore." She looked over her shoulder to the man, who nodded in approval. 'Kaxalin' pointed to the man, introducing him as Furrie, her sword spirit and guide.

I stared at the man, wondering what she possibly meant by sword spirit. Nevertheless I held my hand out to him and was about to speak when Ghirahim interrupted me.

Ghirahim appeared between 'Furrie'and I, his face clouded in darkness. "Don't speak to these people Fallon dear." He stated simply, casting a quick glance behind him at Furrie.

Furrie spoke, "Well, if it isn't Ghirahim, my old rival. Why are you following a Skyloftian, who is not the Spirit Maiden around? Are you being a pervert or did she make a fool of you?" I snorted softly, knowing both were true.

Behind Furrie, Kaxalin squeaked, "Furrie! You'll just make him mad!" Why was she so afraid of Ghirahim? Sure he was scary as first, but he was just very dramatic when you got down to it.

Growling Ghirahim quickly snapped the first thing that came to his mind, "Be quiet you old wooden sword!" It was obvious he was trying to get out of this situation, an expression I often saw on my students when they were trying to hide something.

I decided to not let him go with this, poking him in the chest, "Tell me what is going on Ghirahim!"

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Leslie begin to speak, "Old wooden sword?  Honestly Ghirahim, I expected better from you! Seriously, is that the best insult you can come up with? That's just sad, Debbie."

Ghirahim began to growl and Furrie turned to Kaxalin, "Mistress Kaxalin, I do not know wither to commend you for your clever and brave insult or to scold you for being very unwise." Was Ghirahim really that dangerous? He honestly didn't seem that scary to me. Ghirahim might be a total creep and egotistical as I've come to find out, but I didn't see him as that powerful.

"I'm Courage not Wisdom. If you wanted Wisdom then try my best bud Kat." Her face hid a sheepish grin.

Furrie smiled and looked back to Ghirahim, "She has a point Ghirahim, or should I start calling you Debbie as well?" His smile turned into a smirk as he folded his arms.

Well there went the thought of Ghirahim being scary. I voiced my question, plainly surprised, "Debbie?" Even I had to admit, it was a rather feminine name.

Throwing his head back and cursed quickly, "I should rip you all to shreds!" He grabbed my arm roughly, with enough strength that there would be a bruise later. I didn't show that he hurt me though, my face blank. Ghirahim pointed to me, getting right in my face, "You've already foiled my plans once! Will you please shut up while I take care of these miscreants so we can go on our way!?" He ran a hand through his hair, clearing trying to manage some stress. However I rolled at his command, not expecting to obey it anytime soon. "No one knows that Deborah is a song of victory!" Cue another eye roll from me. Ghirahim then turned his 'wrath' onto Kaxalin and Furrie, "YOU! If you hadn't bothered to open your mouths I would have left you alone!"

Kaxalin just rolled her eyes, starting to be less and less afraid of Ghirahim. I, however, saw this as an opportunity to rid Ghirahim from following me. Sighing, I quickly pulled my arm out of his crushing grip, "Ghirahim, if you're just going to stand there and rant, I still need to get Zelda and take her home! And I could do that very well without you!" I didn't face him, crossing my arms and jutting out one hip. It was a pose I'd come up with a while ago when I had to teach the 'men' of Skyloft that I would be perfectly fine with whatever they decreed 'too dangerous for a woman.' I glanced at him out of the corner of my eyes, asserting my independence.

I heard a snort come from Kaxalin and she nearly doubled over laughing, "Well, excuuuuuuse me Princess! It's kind of my job to foil your plans and generally annoy you. So there." Then, to prove her point somehow, she stuck her tongue out at Ghirahim.

Shaking my head at her humor, I effectively dodged Ghirahim's swiping arms and walked over to Kaxalin. "Could you take me to Zelda?" So far Kaxalin seemed far more reliable and easier to get along with than Ghirahim; she was actually very nice. I couldn't place it, but she felt familiar to me somehow.

Kaxalin opened her mouth to speak, but before she could Ghirahim wrapped his arms around my waist once again, bringing me closer to him. I felt his cool breath on my ear, sending chills down my back as he whispered, "Leave me and who will keep Zelda away from me?"

I froze, the pieces slowly coming together.
Ahhh sorry it took so long to come out!!! :iconheaddeskplz:

Anyways- here we are, our intrepid adventuress with her demon! And guess who they meet?

Thanks to :iconchildofcourage: for her patience with my slow updating collaborating with me and allowing me to include her fabulous characters Leslie and Furrie!! She updates so much faster than I do :iconorzplz: I blame three-four hours of homework ._____.

Thanks again to :iconkei-dara: for the preview image!!

Any questions feel free to ask!

Plot, Settings, Ghirahim, Kikiwis, and Other Characters (c) Nintendo
Fallon (c) :iconoblivionedeternity:
Leslie and Furrie (c) :iconchildofcourage:

All Chapters Can Be Found Here:
~ChildofCourage's Corresponding Fan Fiction:…
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ZAPPYLAZERS Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this fanfic, it was way better then some of the bizarre junk out there, and it's really creative and keeps my attention. 
OblivionedEternity Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much, it makes me very happy to hear that you like it! Hopefully the rest will not disappoint!
OcarinaGreen Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Hi, I started reading this series, and just wanted to comment and say it's awesome! :love:

I love the way you write Ghirahim- the way he thinks and how he's always coming onto Fallon. I find his character here hilarious, but yet so perfect! :iconpervyghirahimplz:

And I really like the character you created, Fallon, too! ^_^ She's just so awesome, I think what just about every Zelda fangirl dreams of being- a really tough knight and also really kind and beautiful woman :) I can really 'connect' to her character, so it adds to the awesomeness of the story!

Oh, ya, and I love how you used Ghirahim's name, Debbie! :XD: And the "Well excuse me, Princess" quote just killed me! :rofl:

I also think it's cool how you added new characters here. :) It makes the story really interesting, and now we have more of a mystery! I really don't know what's going to happen anymore and I like it! ^_^

This is such an epic, unique fanfic! I can't wait to read the rest of it! :D

OblivionedEternity Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, thanks for leaving such a nice comment! I'm glad you like it so far, hopefully the next couple of chapters don't disappoint! :) Haha, the thing with Fallon is that up in Skyloft she only had a couple of people to really test her skills against. She thinks she's tough, but she's about to realize how in over her head she sort of is. Either way, I'm happy you can connect to her!
All of Furrie's and Kaxalin's lines are done by :iconchildofcourage:, since she actually owns them haha. She actually writes a corresponding fan fiction from Kaxalin's point of view, as well as a couple of other characters of hers. :D Here's the link to her fan fiction, in case you might be interested!…

Again, thank you so much! :hug:
OcarinaGreen Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Haha cool :D I'll check it out sometime :)

And you're very welcome! ^_^

OblivionedEternity Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad to help! ^-^
Rane777 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Can't wait for the next chapter!
OblivionedEternity Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad to hear that! However, I'm not sure if you're talking about chapter six. Just in case you are, here's the link to my folder that has all of the chapters so far :) [link]
Rane777 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
OblivionedEternity Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah-hm :)
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